• Lifting Suture With Needle

    Lifting Suture With Needle

    Lift is the latest and revolutionary treatment for skin tightening and lifting as well as V-line lifting. It is made of PDO(Polydioxanone) material so naturally absorb in the skin and continuously stimulate collagen aynthesis.
  • Dental Needle

    Dental Needle

    Made of high quality stainless steel.
    Virtually painless, atraumatic and perfectly sharp to give patient maxium comfort.
    Size distinguished by the hud's color for the clear recongition.
  • Silk Braided With Needle

    Silk Braided With Needle

    Natural, non-absorbable, multifilament, braided suture.
    Black, white and white color.
    Obtained from the cocoon of the silk worm.
    Tissue reactivity may be moderate.
  • PGA Suture With Needle

    PGA Suture With Needle

    Synthetic, absorbable, multifilament braided suture, in a violet color or undyed.
    Made of polyglycolic acid with polycaprolactone and calcium stearate coating.
    The tisssue reactivity in microscope form is minimal.

Huaian Zhongrui Import And Export Co., Ltd.

Professional Disposable Medical Device Supplier

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Company Introduction

Huaian Zhongrui Import And Export Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of disposable medical devices, all products have passed CE & ISO certificate. Especially for surgical sutures with/without needles, we have been in this area for more than 15 years, we import synthetic absorbable sutures from Korea directly, and we have first-class production lines. Until now we have covered many products, such as blood lancets, surgical blades, urine bag, infusion set, IV catheter, three way stopcocks, dental needles, etc.

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