Disposable Medical IV Catheter Needle

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Disposable IV Cannula, include Pen-like type, with Injection Port type, with Wings type, Butterfly type, with Heparin Cap type, Safety type, is consist of PVC tubes, needle, protective cap, protective cover. The product is used to make the needle detain in vein, in order to reinfuse next time after one infusion.

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Product Name IV Cannula
Properties Injection & Puncture Instrument
Material PP, PC, ABS, SUS304 Stainless Steel Cannula, Silicone oil
OEM Acceptable
Needle size 18G, 19G, 21G, 22G, 23G, 24G, 25G, 26G, 27G
Type Quincke point or Pencil point
Packaging Tray+Carton
Certificate CE, ISO


Needle size: 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24G
I.V. Cannula with Injection port and suturable wings.
I.V. Cannula with suturable wings.
I.V. Cannula with Injection port and without Wings.

Option Available

● PTFE / FEP / PU Flex Catheter.
● Hydrophobic filter.
● Clear or Radio Opaque Catheter.

Advantage of using PU Flex Catheter:
● Kink free.
● The Catheter softens once inserted in the body.
● The properties of this Catheter are similar to PU (Polyurethane).

1. Easy dispenser pack.
2. Color-coded casing cap allows for easier identification of catheter size.
3. Translucent catheter hub allows for easy detedtion of blood flashback at vein insertion.
4. Teflon Radio-opaque catheter.
5. Percision finished PTEE catheter assures stable flow and eliminates catheters tip kink during venipuncture.
6. Can be connected to syringe by removing filter cap to expose lure taper end.
7. Use of hydrophobic membrane filter eliminates blood leakage.
8. Close and smooth contact between catheter tip and inner needle enable safe and smooth venipuncture.

Supply Ability

5000000 Piece/Pieces per Day iv cannula manufacturer.

Packaging & Delivery

PE bag unit pack or blister pack + box + Carton packaging.

Shipping Port: Shanghai, Guangzhou, China Main Ports.

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