Medical Dispossible Twisted Blood Lancet

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This package contains the following instructions and labels, please read them carefully before use.

This product is suitable for puncturing the end point of human fingertip circulation.

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For blood test, it should be used with blood collection pen.
First, insert the blood collection needle into the needle holder of the blood collection pen and twist.
The blood collection needle is sterilized by GAMMA irradiation.
Remove the protective cap of blood collection needle and cover the cap of blood collection pen.
Tips should be sterile.
Then point the blood pencil at the sterilized area.

Matters Needing Attention

Press the launch button to complete. Pick the used ones.
Please use within the life of the product.
The blood needle is removed and placed in a special recycling appliance.
If the protective cap is damaged before use, do not use it.
Please refer to the manual of blood collection pen for the operation method).
This product is disposable. Do not repeat to use or share with others.
Do not leave the blood collection needle in the blood collection pen after use.
This product has no therapeutic or diagnostic effect.

Matters Needing Attention

1. Peripheral - secondary blood collection needle, smaller skin damage, lower pain.
2. Small pain of blood collection.
3. Disposable use convenient health.
4. Easy to use, compact and convenient.
5. Applicable to most blood collection pens.
Note: The higher the number of G, the finer the needle tip and the less the pain.

Structure and Composition

This product is made of steel needle, plastic handle and protection.
The cap is composed of three parts, and the steel needle is selected 06 cr19ni10 (SUS304), 9 ni10 SUS304H (07 cr1) or SUS304N1(06Cr19Ni1ON).
Stainless steel wire by grinding molding, plastic handle And protective cap made of polyethylene.

Storage Conditions
The product should be stored in a well-ventilated room with no light, moisture, corrosive gas and good ventilation. Contraindications: none

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